Our Programmes

Ethical Leadership Conference has a consulting role in managing growth of the community in the field of leadership

Ethical leadership

What are some essential ethical aspects of leadership and how should a good leader deal with them?

Charismatic leadership

Charismatic leader: what are the main positive and negative aspects of charismatic leadership ?

4i's & women

Some suggest that women have the potential to make better 4i leaders than men ?

The influence of culture

The influence of culture on the effectiveness of transformational leadership


Why should you join us?

• Challenge yourself: Get out of your comfort zone and take fresh ideas for your personal and professional life back home. Expose yourself to different forms of leadership and lead with it in your life.

• Meet and talk: with speakers and influencers, face to face: yes, face-to-face conversations are still the best way to get the latest information and to learn from other people’s personal and professional experiences.

• Invest in your growth: Your time during this conference will be well time spent! You will go home inspired by theories, stories and real-life examples. This experience will spark your leadership skills.

• Social Networking: The conference aims to facilitate the continuous exchange of ideas. This not only brings fresh insights but also helps you build new relationships and deepen friendships that exist.

Our Teams

Ethical leadership Team

Charismatic leadership Team

4i's & women Team

The influence of culture Team

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Technical Team


Bas Jansen

Course Director MBA, MA & MSc (FREM)

Marja Krisman

MBA & MA Course Coordinator

Dr.Adrienn Eros (PhD)

Senior Lecturer Research Methods

Ajay Kumar Singh

Team Manager